Hand drawing of a Ford Mustang carUsed Vehicle Leasing in the Houston Area

Lease a Used Car

It’s no secret to most that vehicles make for poor investments.  Cars, Trucks and SUV’s all depreciate as they get older and collect more mileage.  Simply put, vehicles depreciate.  Once purchased, most every vehicle will never be worth close to what it was purchased for originally. An alternative to consider is to lease a used car. With our lease used car Houston program, LeasePro can help you lease a used vehicle in the Houston, Texas area.

The largest percentage of vehicle depreciation happens within the first two years, therefore used vehicle purchase and leasing is on the rise.  Although leasing new can sometimes be equally attractive regarding payment, leasing used vehicles offer two very attractive and affordable benefits.

Used vehicle leases generally offer clients options for shorter terms and offer programs with reduced balances at lease maturity.  In many instances, used vehicle leases are also cheaper per month. Continue reading

A race track of what to do at the end of a car leaseOptions at Termination

LeasePro provides custom lease facilitations to meet the needs and driving lifestyles of virtually every customer situation. In addition to matching the terms and payments to a client’s wants and desires, LeasePro agents also manage the programs through to maturity, helping you consider what to do at the end of a car lease. This management includes free lease evaluations, rental car assistance as well as discount recommendations for items such as tires, wheels, body shops and aftermarket add-ons such as tinted windows.

What to do at the end of a car lease

Each program offered by LeasePro provides clients with options, not obligations. At lease maturity, clients have 5 courses of action to choose from. The options include:

  1. Terminate the lease by turning in the vehicle to LeasePro.
  2. Trading the lease by facilitating a new program (lease or loan) with LeasePro.
  3. Purchase the vehicle from the bank with the assistance of LeasePro.
  4. Refinance the vehicle on a lease or loan through LeasePro.
  5. Sell the vehicle for a retail price on your own. Continue reading